Book Review Guidelines

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   Book Review Guidelines for Reflective Practice 

Book Review Guidelines

Thank you for your willingness to read and review a book for Reflective Practice.

1.  The Book Review Editor will select what books to be reviewed, although we are also open to unsolicited book reviews if the book fits within the foci and goals of the journal.

 Normally, the book review editor will provide you with the book to be reviewed or we will reimburse you for the cost of the book if you must purchase the book yourself. 

 2.  Read the book, read it carefully and if possible twice.

If the book does not merit a review in your estimation, say so and keep the book.

3.  Format for a review.

Place the bibliographic entry at the top of the first page exactly in this form: 

  Now is the Time By L. Tiempo, Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1995, xxxpps.

4.    Writing a Review

Most reviews are 400 to 800 words.  Please to not exceed this limit without consultation and permission of the Book Review Editor.

 Typed double-spaced, with one-inch margins all around.

A good review will include

  a.  Include a statement of the book’s thesis and an outline of its contents.

  b.   Include your estimate of the strengths and weaknesses of this book, in terms of being a resource for

religious professionals in the field of pastoral/spiritual care, pastoral counseling, spiritual direction AND/OR doing formation, clinical supervision, mentoring or training work for religious professionals/leaders.

     c.  Keep in mind that the journal's readers primarily represent the fields of: pastoral/spiritual care, chaplaincy, field/contextual education, pastoral counseling, spiritual direction, practical theology.

d.  If you quote from the book in your review, please reference a page number in your text as follows, (p. Xxx).

6.  Put your name and some form of identification at the end of the review on the right margin.  Examples:

Heilege Moses                                     Frank Lee

World University                             Truth Theological School

Chicago, IL 60615                            Eureka, MO 63105

7.     Please submit your review to the Book Review Editor, in an electronic version, normally a Word doc.

8.      The Book Review Editor may edit your review and reserves the right to shorten all reviews.  Following the approval of the Book Review Editor, the copy editor will format the review and edit for clarification.

9.  When finished with the review, archive a back-up copy, keep the book for your own use, and send the review to:       Dr. Sung Hee Chang, ( Book Review Editor

10. Publication.

 Normally, the journal is published annually in February. In the past it ass published in both hard copy and online version. Beginning in 2023 Reflective Practice is available virtually online.

Volume 44 published 2024

If interested in submitting an essay, contact our co-editors: Matthew Floding, or Danielle Buhuro

The Deadline 

Ordinarily, articles are 5,000 words in length with endnotes and are submitted electronically.